• Quality Material

    Durable, 2mil clear moisture resistant polypropylene
  • Completely Writable

    A standard marker or pen are perfect to use
  • Removable Adhesive

    Specially formulated and
    designed for easy removability
  • No Residue

    Designed to stick, but peel of without leaving residue behind
  • Temperature Range

    Minimum Application: 50° F
    Service Range: 0° F to +200° F
  • Popularity

    Quickly gaining popularity due to their benefits and ease of use

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  • Removable Adhesive

    Removable Adhesive Oil Change Sticker Examples

    Removable adhesive oil change stickers are becoming more and more common in the oil change and service industry. The material and adhesive has actually been around for quite a while, but only in the last few years has it really taken off in the service industry. The stronger hold and extended temperature capabilities are being sought after by oil change and service locations across the country.

    Removable Adhesive
  • High Quality

    Quality Film Removable Adhesive Oil Change Stickers

    The 2 mil polypropylene film material used for your removable adhesive oil change sticker is durable and moisture resistant. Ideal for any moisture, heat and cold that car windshields are subject to on a regular basis.

    High Quality
  • Writable Material

    Writable Removable Adhesive Oil Change Stickers

    Regular pens or markers are perfect to use on your removable adhesive oil stickers that you receive from Oil-Change-Sticker.com.
    FOR BEST RESULTS: We suggest using a Ball Point Ink Pen, a Paint Pen or a Sharpie Industrial Extra Fine Point Marker.

    Writable Material
  • Removable

    Removable Oil Change Stickers

    This specially formulated acrylic adhesive is designed to be applied to and removed from smooth, non-porus surfaces such as glass, mirrors, plastic, and even metal surfaces such as painted steel. It's perfect for oil change stickers!!

  • No Residue

    Removable Adhesive no residue oil change stickers

    The removable adhesive oil change stickers are designed to stick when you want them to, and cleanly peel off when your ready to remove them.

    No Residue
  • Temperature

    Good temperature range for Removable Adhesive Oil Change Stickers

    An excellent benefit of the removable adhesive oil change stickers are their ability to be used in a wider range of temperatures and conditions than their static cling counterparts.

    Minimum Application Temperature: 50° F
    Typical Suggested Usage Range : 0° F to +200° F

  • Popularity

    Removable Adhesive Oil Change Stickers are very popular because of their benefits

    Removable adhesive oil change stickers are quickly gaining populary in the service industry. Sure they are "new and cool", but the facts that they can handle a wider range of temperatures, they stick better to the windshields and well, okay... they are pretty cool.